Norman Nabhan – An Active Member of the Investment Community

Norman Nabhan pic

Norman Nabhan

A managing director at Graystone Consulting in Houston, Texas, Norman Nabhan has over four decades of experience assisting institutional investors. He specializes in investment allocation strategies and helps clients minimize risk while improving investment returns. Over the course of his career, Norman Nabhan has worked to stay current with the latest best practices in the investment industry. His professional accomplishments include earning the Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA) designation from the Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA), an organization with which he holds a longtime membership.

A member of the IMCA Board of Directors for eight years, Norman Nabhan also served for two years as the association’s president. His other roles with IMCA include leading the group’s Certification Committee. He has since been designated an IMCA director emeritus. Beyond his activities with IMCA, Mr. Nabhan previously served as president of the Association of Professional Investment Consultants. He has also spoken before various industry groups and academic institutions.


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